This fictionalized story is inspired by real life events in the 1960's. CW: depicts brutal breast cancer treatment, Vietnam, date rape, and illegal abortion.



Today is a weird and scary day. …

If we could have asked Theodora, would she have said whore or empress was the harder job?

Born about 500 A.D., the middle of three daughters to an actress and a bear-trainer in Constantinople, the capital of the Roman Empire, Theodora (meaning, gift of God) did not have an easy childhood.

By some accounts trained as a child acrobat (think gymnast), her father died (mauled by one…

Happy birthday, Maggie! July 18 was the birthday of Margaret Tobin Brown, now historically famous as, “The Unsinkable Molly Brown.” In her lifetime, however, she was Margaret Tobin or Mrs. J.J. Brown (Maggie to close friends), and never called Molly until after her death in 1932.

Your Fake Name Will Go Down in Posterity

Broadway composer/playwright Meredith Wilson…

Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel did not live an easy nor uncontroversial life. Her parents: mother Jeanne, a landrywoman, and father Albert Chanel, a traveling street vendor, were unmarried at the time of her birth, though persuaded (shotgun marriage?) to formally wed, several children later. …

via Wikimedia Commons,
from a fresco in Herculaneum
Love that she’s using a stylus & wax tablets!

Her lyrics were epic, intimate, erotic, and timeless. Even over two thousand years later, even in fragmented form, Sappho’s poetry sings to the heart.

We shall enjoy it

As for him who finds
fault, may silliness
and sorry take him!
Mary Barnard translation)

She was born about 615 B.C. and…

Painting by Jean-Leon Gerome, via Wikimedia Commons

Rolled up in a carpet.

Or, by other accounts, in a sack of bed linens.

Put aside, for a moment, the legend of Cleopatra as a great seductress and think about how incredibly clever and daring that was.

Her enemies stood between her and the one person who could help…

“This idea lasts through my whole life: I always play a part. For so many years, I have to be a ‘smoldering sexy spitfire.’ Rita Moreno — funny and bold and golden as all her statuettes. The Hispanic heroine with all four gleaming prizes — Oscar, Tony, Emmy, Grammy —…

Joycelyn Elders (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Once I had a professor say to me, ‘You know you have as much education as a lot of white people.’ I answered, ‘Doctor, I have more education than most white people.’”

In 1978, Dr. Joycelyn Elders became the first person in the state of Arkansas to become board certified…

Malala Yousefzai: Great Sluts in History

As an American, it is sometimes impossible (and other times, all too easy), to imagine what we would do — what I would do — if my beloved country was taken over by religious extremists.

Malala Yousefzai doesn’t have to imagine; she’s living it…

Cropped screenshot of Hedy Lamarr from the trailer for the film Come Live with Me (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Austrian-born actress Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler was a goddess on screen… and a techno-geek in her spare time.

She first scampered into movies in Germany in 1930, with her nude scenes and simulated orgasm in 1933’s Extase (Ecstacy) at age 18 raising controversy.

At the time of the movie’s release…

Beverly Diehl

She/her. Sex-positive, pro-choice, life-positive, polyamorous, breast cancer sur-thriver. With tiara.

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